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Softaculous Hosting Pricing Tables

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Wordpress Hosting

Diver Package

Dive below the world of Web Hosting services

  • 1 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
Wordpress Hosting

Surfer Package

Surf along the coast of Website Management

  • 3 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
Wordpress Hosting

Sailor Package

Sail above the biggest Cloud Hosting Oceans

  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL

Additional Details

Diver Package Surfer Package Sailor Package
Storage Space 1 GB SSD 3 GB SSD 10 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL (Let's Encrypt) Free Free Free
Addon Domains 0 5 Unlimited
Sub Domains 0 5 Unlimited
Databases 1 5 Unlimited
E-mail Accounts 2 5 Unlimited
Port Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
DDoS Protection
Control Panel DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin
Price Per Month $0.99 $1.99 $2.99
Price Per Year $3.99* $8.99* $14.99*
Location: United States 1
Location: United States 2
Location: Europe
Location: Singapore
*Additional Promotional Terms apply to the Yearly Web Hosting Packages!

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Softaculous Hosting

Softaculous is a well-known One-click Installer with more than 400 scripts, and has more than 7,000 business clients globally. Softaculous has enabled users to quickly and simply install open-source software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, and many more without any technical expertise. One-click installation and a script management panel that lets you install, delete, and update different scripts on your website. Additionally, Softaculous offers a Free extension for download that can be used with any auto-installer, like Fantastico or Installatron. Softaculous is linked with all the well-known hosting control panels as well!

Even though Softaculous automates the installation of both paid and free online apps on a website, open-source software is the focus of Softaculous. 46 scripts are supported by the free version while the Premium version features 1115 PHP Classes and 436 scripts. The administrative section of a website control panel is where Softaculous scripts are run, generally using an interface tool like DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, H-Sphere, or InterWorx. Softaculous scripts often create database tables, change permissions, and alter web server configuration files automatically.

The website administrative section is where installations are started. For instance, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, Interworx, and Plesk are just a few of the website management tools where Softaculous may be found. Web applications of all types can be installed using the Softaculous Script installer. Ad management, blogging, content management, CRM, customer service, eCommerce, ERP, and more categories are among the available software.

When using Softaculous, installing a web application just needs one click after providing any essential information on the install tab for the particular application. Then, Softaculous manages the installation, user permissions, web server files, and database settings automatically. It also has a highly user-friendly interface that makes it simple to set up new websites.

Popular scripts available in Softaculous

WordPress, YOURLS, AbanteCart, Nextcloud, PrestaShop, Joomla, phpBB, Open Real Estate, and a long list of other popular script applications are available in the Softaculous marketplace. With this one-click installer, you may easily install and manage scripts on your Softaculous hosting account. With Softaculous, you can set up email notifications, setup up backups, examine script demonstrations, and auto-update scripts. To save time and have the ease of maintaining your script apps moving forward, you should utilize Softaculous when installing applications on your Softaculous hosting account.


WordPress is an open-source CMS platform for building websites. WordPress utilizes MySQL databases for data storage, and it is a PHP-based content management system (CMS). WordPress is the simplest and most effective blogging and website builder available today.

WordPress can be used to create a variety of websites. WordPress is a flexible CMS platform that allows you to create websites for businesses, portfolios, and e-commerce. WordPress is a fantastic option for both big and small websites because it was created with usability and flexibility in mind. Websites that use WordPress as their content management system are known as WordPress websites. WordPress is used to power both the front and back end of websites.

Websites that can be created using WordPress:

Blog: A blog is a particular kind of website where people can post ideas, pictures, reviews, instructions, recipes, and much more. Usually, in blogs, the most recently uploaded content is shown on the top.

E-commerce website: With the help of an e-commerce website, you may offer products or services online and receive money using a secure online payment method. WordPress offers a variety of e-commerce plugins and extensions, which expand WordPress’s built-in functionality and enable an online store on your website. These plugins offer secure payment channels for both you and your clients to do business.

Business websites: Having a business website provides many firms with an online presence for their business. WordPress is a great choice if a company requires a website so that clients can learn more about the business and what it has to offer. Customers may get in touch with business owners to get quotes, set up appointments, and much more.

Membership Website: A membership website allows you to hide your website content behind a paywall or a login process. Users must log in or purchase the material to view the content on the pages or posts. WordPress plugins provide you the ability to convert your website to a membership website.

Website portfolio: With a WordPress-built website portfolio, you may showcase your creative work, design abilities, and more.

Forums: Using a forum website might be beneficial for people who want to exchange tips or ask inquiries on a particular subject. WordPress powers a vast number of Forums without any issues.

E-learning website: From an e-learning website, students can study courses online, monitor their progress, manage resources, and do much more. You can provide online courses from a WordPress website by using a particular kind of plugin called a WordPress LMS plugin.

WordPress Features

Search Engine Optimization: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) starts with the code, and WordPress offers a fantastic code basis for SEO. SEO enables users to find the material on your website using well-known search engines like Google or Bing.

Speed: WordPress is a streamlined website platform that continuously works to reduce code "bloat" that slows down a website's loading time, and improves website performance through regular updates in the program.

Mobile-friendly: The majority of WordPress themes and plugins are responsive to many devices and screen sizes, now that a lot of users use a smartphone to access the internet. WordPress websites allow you to build mobile-friendly websites, which will be quick and responsive no matter the platform!

Media file library: WordPress comes with a built-in media library that you can use to upload and embed media files into your posts or pages. WordPress even allows you to do simple modifications on images.

Simple user interface: WordPress has no sophisticated settings and is very simple to use. WordPress can be used by anyone that has little knowledge of how to utilize a WordPress processor. WordPress makes accessibility a priority.

Custom menus: WordPress makes it simple to build menus that contain links to your pages or unique URLs, you can manage the entire website’s pages and content from a single menu.


YOURLS is a collection of PHP scripts that allow you to operate your URL shortener on your server, using the domain or subdomain of your choice. The goal is to make the web page address shorter and simpler to memorize and navigate. When utilizing YOURLS your data, in-depth metrics, analytics, plugins, and other features will all be completely under your control. The URL shortener YOURLS is available in Softaculous, it will keep the old link and the new link connected. Anyone who clicks on your new link will therefore be sent back to the main website.

YOURLS Advantages

Simple Sharing of material: Customers may learn everything they need to know about your website through concise, branded URLs. Thanks to YOURLS, URLs made of large illogical characters are no longer necessary.

Aesthetic URLs: Make your URLs more aesthetically pleasing by making them shorter. Even though it doesn’t seem significant, a shorter URL increases the chances of someone clicking on your website URL.


A client-server software package called Nextcloud is used to create and use file hosting services. It has many support options and is prepared for business use. Nextcloud is incredibly user-friendly and accessible, quick to deploy and integrate into existing infrastructure. Anyone is free to download, install, and use the program on their private server equipment because it is free and open-source.

With a full content collaboration platform, Nextcloud offers global data access while maintaining its control. Take notes during an audio/video conversation, save, share, and edit documents individually or collaboratively, and manage your projects and calendars from a single platform. Teams can communicate on documents, calendars, and projects while on the road because of Nextcloud’s user-friendly mobile and online interfaces, while data is kept secure on the company's current servers.

When used in conjunction with its integrated office suite solutions Collabora Online or OnlyOffice, Nextcloud functions similarly to Dropbox, Office 365, or Google Drive. It can be hosted on-site or in the cloud. Nextcloud is incredibly secure with multiple layers of encryption and authentication. It can scale from low-cost Raspberry Pi-based home office systems up to large-scale data center solutions that can serve millions of users. Frank Karlitschek, a member of the original ownCloud development team, cloned ownCloud and founded Nextcloud, which is still being actively maintained today and it is used by over 35 million users on over 300.000 servers worldwide.

Softaculous Hosting

With HostDive Softaculous Hosting, you can install apps quickly on your server with the Softaculous Instant Script Installer. Our Softaculous Hosting enables you to manage, update, delete, backup, and restore web apps on your web server in a simpler manner, Furthermore, you can set up and launch your website within minutes, thanks to our ultra-dependable servers, which fully support all Softaculous scripts, so you don’t have to worry about the eligibility criteria of your web application before setting up your website!

HostDive Softaculous hosting is by far the quickest and simplest way to set up and manage WordPress, YOURLS, Drupal, PrestaShop, Nextcloud, Joomla, or other software solutions. Your website will be hosted on a geographically distributed network of servers, which helps in rapid content delivery to your clients no matter where your website is being visited from. Additionally, our Softaculous hosting offers Unlimited Bandwidth and SSD storage drives with further boost the website speed, and the users wouldn’t face any delays while accessing material on your website!

HostDive Softaculous Hosting offers the DirectAdmin control panel, through which you can manage your entire website hustle free. Furthermore, you can install any CMS of your choice in our Softaculous Hosting servers, we provide full support to Blogs, E-commerce, Forums, Membership websites, E-learning, Businesses, and all the other types of websites you ask for!

If you are planning to host an e-commerce website in our dependable Softaculous Hosting servers, your website security is covered through multiple layers of protection, our Shared Web Hosting offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, DDoS protection, Firewalls, and many other forms of security, that make sure the transactional data of your website is secured from hackers. We provide 99.9% Uptime commitment, 24/7/365 customer support, and most importantly you can try us risk-free with our Money Back Guarantee!

Our Technology Stack

We only use the latest technology stacks when it comes to our infrastructure

Web Panel

We believe DirectAdmin provides the most value to customers among all the shared web hosting panels

Web Server

We are using LiteSpeed which is the fastest web server infrastructure available to commercial clients

Script Installer

To install scripts such as WordPress use our included software the Softaculous one-lick installer

Email Server

Roundcube is the most usable front-facing email server and email management system

SSD Space

Each Hard Drive is powered by Solid State Drive technology which ensure speed and longetivity


All our servers are linked in RAID10, which is the optimal choice between speed and data safety


We use the SQL structure as the default database architecture for our web hosting account


We offer Unlimited Data Transfer with all our web hosting and CMS hosting services

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my service be provisioned?

Your hosting account is setup automatically right after you made payment. All account information is sent to your registered email address.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a generous 10-day refund policy. For more information please read our Refund Policy page.

Where can I get support if I have an issue?

You can contact us via our ticketing system during EU work hours.

Where are the servers located exactly?

United States 1 Location is at: Los Angeles

United States 2 Location is at: Las Vegas

Europe Location is at: Luxembourg

Singapore Location is at: Singapore :)

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package?

You can automatically upgrade/downgrade within the same server. If you would like to migrate across servers please open a ticket!

Do I have to buy a domain to use your services?

You don't have to buy a domain name from us if you already own one elsewhere. Just select the correct option during checkout!

What is the difference between Shared hosting and CMS hosting?

CMS hosting allows more storage space as CMS solutions such as WordPress or Prestashop requires as much as 10 times more storage than their HTML counterparts.

What is the difference between DirectAdmin and cPanel?

Both control panels offer the same features and capabilities. However, we are able to provide DirectAdmin accounts for a far lower price due to the higher licensing costs associated with cPanel.

Legal Snippets

Our Refund Policy allows for a 10-day no questions asked refund for All Plans, assuming there were no violations of our Terms of Service and Acceptable use Policy.

Domains are not covered under our refund policy

You are fully responsible for the content you host with us. Any violations are met with immediate account suspension and content deletion!

Use of this Site is subject to terms of service. By using this site, you accept all rules and regulations as such!