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React Hosting Pricing Tables

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Wordpress Hosting

Diver Package

Dive below the world of Web Hosting services

  • 1 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
Wordpress Hosting

Surfer Package

Surf along the coast of Website Management

  • 3 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
Wordpress Hosting

Sailor Package

Sail above the biggest Cloud Hosting Oceans

  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL

Additional Details

Diver Package Surfer Package Sailor Package
Storage Space 1 GB SSD 3 GB SSD 10 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL (Let's Encrypt) Free Free Free
Addon Domains 0 5 Unlimited
Sub Domains 0 5 Unlimited
Databases 1 5 Unlimited
E-mail Accounts 2 5 Unlimited
Port Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
DDoS Protection
Control Panel DirectAdmin DirectAdmin DirectAdmin
Price Per Month $0.99 $1.99 $2.99
Price Per Year $3.99* $8.99* $14.99*
Location: United States 1
Location: United States 2
Location: Europe
Location: Singapore
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React Hosting

React.js is a front-end, open-source, declarative, effective, and adaptable JavaScript UI (User Interface) framework for creating single-page applications. It enables you to build intricate user interfaces out of discrete, little chunks of reusable code known as "components". It is one of the most widely used front-end JavaScript libraries for creating Web apps. There are other ways to refer to React.js, including Reactjs and just React. React manages the view layer for both online and mobile applications.

With the help of React Hosting, programmers can build substantial online apps that can modify data without refreshing the page. React’s main approach is to be scalable, fast, and easy to use. It focuses on the application's User Interfaces. This relates to the MVC template's view. It may be used with other JavaScript frameworks or libraries, such as AngularJS in MVC.

React is kept up to date by Meta and a group of independent programmers and businesses. With frameworks like Next.js, React may be the foundation for single-page, mobile, or server-rendered apps. Developing React-based applications necessitates the use of additional libraries for routing and specific client-side functionality because React mechanism is majorly concerned with the state management and presentation of the information to the DOM (Document Object Model).

You can simply transmit rich data through your app and keep the state off of the DOM since component functionality is defined in JavaScript rather than templates. You can create new features with React without having to rewrite any of the old code since React makes assumptions about the rest of your tech stack. Additionally, React can power mobile apps using React Native and render on the server using Node.

React Native libraries

Meta launched React's native libraries in 2015, bringing the React architecture to native apps for IOS and Android. React native is a framework for creating mobile apps that uses just JavaScript. It utilizes React's identical concept and enables you to use robust mobile UI library components. The essential UI building pieces used by most iOS and Android apps are also used here. The ability to use components written in Objective-C, Java, or Swift is the finest feature of react-native.

React History

Software developer Jordan Walke, while working at Facebook, created React and published an early version of it naming it “FaxJS”. He was motivated by XHP, a PHP framework for HTML components. Initially, it was used in Facebook’s News Feed in 2011, later it was introduced on Instagram in 2012. It was made publicly available at JSConf in May 2013.

React Features

Easy to use: One of the main factors contributing to ReactJS success is how simple it is to learn and use. It is simple to pick up, so you can begin constructing right away. A substantial number of tutorials, training materials, and documentation are included with React. Knowing JavaScript makes learning simpler.

Reusable Parts: Reusable components are those in React that you can use repeatedly in your app. You start with tiny components, like buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc., and use them to create larger objects, like wrapper components, which can then be used to create whole apps. Each component may be reused wherever it is needed and has its logic and execution control. Your app's components make development and maintenance simple. Additionally, components help in creating a unified appearance and feel for your overall product.

Dynamic Web Apps: Complex code is needed to create a dynamic web page. Specific HTML strings are needed. You may use ReactJS to take use of the JSX capability, which lets you write HTML directly within JavaScript. With ReactJS, you can create HTML elements using JSX, where values can be replaced with the result that the JavaScript code evaluates to!

Quick Rendering Using Virtual DOM: Extensive DOM manipulation might cause a performance bottleneck in your app, even if it was designed with fast client platforms and JavaScript engines. This can become frustrating for the user. In the worst circumstances, the user interface might be shaken by minor changes at the top level owing to the tree structure of the DOM.

ReactJS uses a virtual DOM to resolve this problem. Changes performed here are first shown on the virtual DOM, which exists in memory rather than on your screen. A clever program examines the modifications made to the virtual DOM to determine which ones should be mirrored on the original DOM. It also chooses the best strategy for implementing these modifications and makes adjustments to the original DOM. Thanks to this, Little time is spent updating, and the application will run at its best, and if the web app is hosted in a designated React hosting server the speed of the app dramatically increases which further boosts the app performance!

SEO Friendly: If you want to increase traffic to your website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential. You can make use of SEO's advantages with ReactJS since it significantly decreases website load times through quicker rendering. This implies that a website utilizing it can compete for organic traffic by using the same code for the client and server-side components of an application. This is not offered by the majority of other libraries and frameworks out there.

Simple Tests: The ease of testing React-based apps is one of the things that makes React.js Hosting so popular. You can then determine whether the app is functioning properly by viewing the output as well as all the functions, actions, and events. You can test ReactJS's components with the aid of several test tools provided with the framework.

React Native: React reduces the amount of time, money, and human resources needed to build mobile apps. It has become a common trend for creating native, strong, and high-quality mobile apps for iOS and Android. Apps made with the cross-platform mobile app development framework React.js are more effective and agile, load faster, and run more smoothly. In addition, if any problems arise, you can always count on the supportive React Native community!

React Hosting

HostDive React Hosting provides high app uptime and quick response to your React app, furthermore, our React hosting services can quickly access the deployed material since the code is immediately configured and deployed on your hosting account. Your app will be up and running in a matter of seconds with 99.9% uptime guarantee!

With HostDive React.js hosting, you don't have to spend money on SSL certificates. We provide you with the free latest Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, which provides an extra layer of security other than Firewalls, DDoS protection, and many more security features to protect your React app from all types of vulnerabilities!

HostDive Shared Web Hosting servers are powered with ultra-fast SSD storage and Unlimited Bandwidth, which gives lightning-fast speed to your application, your users will never experience any bottleneck or glitches in your app which helps build trust and overall business growth, additionally, our React hosting offers 24/7/365 customer support, and you can try us risk-free with our Money Back Guarantee!

Our Technology Stack

We only use the latest technology stacks when it comes to our infrastructure

Web Panel

We believe DirectAdmin provides the most value to customers among all the shared web hosting panels

Web Server

We are using LiteSpeed which is the fastest web server infrastructure available to commercial clients

Script Installer

To install scripts such as WordPress use our included software the Softaculous one-lick installer

Email Server

Roundcube is the most usable front-facing email server and email management system

SSD Space

Each Hard Drive is powered by Solid State Drive technology which ensure speed and longetivity


All our servers are linked in RAID10, which is the optimal choice between speed and data safety


We use the SQL structure as the default database architecture for our web hosting account


We offer Unlimited Data Transfer with all our web hosting and CMS hosting services

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my service be provisioned?

Your hosting account is setup automatically right after you made payment. All account information is sent to your registered email address.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a generous 10-day refund policy. For more information please read our Refund Policy page.

Where can I get support if I have an issue?

You can contact us via our ticketing system during EU work hours.

Where are the servers located exactly?

United States 1 Location is at: Los Angeles

United States 2 Location is at: Las Vegas

Europe Location is at: Luxembourg

Singapore Location is at: Singapore :)

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package?

You can automatically upgrade/downgrade within the same server. If you would like to migrate across servers please open a ticket!

Do I have to buy a domain to use your services?

You don't have to buy a domain name from us if you already own one elsewhere. Just select the correct option during checkout!

What is the difference between Shared hosting and CMS hosting?

CMS hosting allows more storage space as CMS solutions such as WordPress or Prestashop requires as much as 10 times more storage than their HTML counterparts.

What is the difference between DirectAdmin and cPanel?

Both control panels offer the same features and capabilities. However, we are able to provide DirectAdmin accounts for a far lower price due to the higher licensing costs associated with cPanel.

Legal Snippets

Our Refund Policy allows for a 10-day no questions asked refund for All Plans, assuming there were no violations of our Terms of Service and Acceptable use Policy.

Domains are not covered under our refund policy

You are fully responsible for the content you host with us. Any violations are met with immediate account suspension and content deletion!

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